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What Are Some Proven Solutions for Erectile Dysfunction?

Diagnosis of ED

As for numerous men, a physical exam and clarifying questions about your medical history is all that is needed for a physician to diagnose ED and suggest a treatment plan. We employ two primary treatments for treating erectile dysfunction such as Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT) and Testosterone Therapy. After just a few treatments, the acoustic waves open up existing blood vessels and stimulates the growth of new blood vessels. The improvement in blood flow results in stronger, harder, and more sustainable erections. Plus, it greatly enhances sensitivity which means more pleasure for you.

Why SWISS WAVE: No Needles. No Drugs. No Surgery

SwissWave is a series of quick treatments to the penis applying pulsating acoustical sound waves. Our treatment options are proven. Are you embarrassed and debilitated because of your ED?

Standard test for ED from physicians include:

A physical exam. This might involve a thorough analysis of your penis and testicles and check your nerves for sensation.

SwissWave Protocol: uses short treatments to the penis applying pulsating acoustical sound waves for erectile dysfunction, or ED.

Urinalysis, urine tests. Similar to blood analyses, urine tests are utilized to scan for signs of diabetes and other underlying wellness conditions.

Ultrasound. A specialist in an office usually performs this test. It includes using a wand-like contraption held over the blood vessels that provide the penis. It produces a video image to give your doctor an image to see if you have blood flow difficulties. Ultrasound is commonly paired with medications to increase blood flow and to elicit an erection.

Psychological exam. A doctor might propose questions to look for signs of depression and other potential psychological determinants of ED.

Blood tests. A specimen of your blood to check for symptoms of diabetes, heart disease, low-T levels and additional health problems.

STL Medical Solutions uses a breakthrough medical technology to help men who suffer from erectile dysfunction. We are the only men’s clinic in St. Louis licenses to use the revolutionary Swiss Wave Protocol, a technology that requires the kind of fine-tuning you’d see in a Swiss watch. Our technique has been confirmed and praised by clinical research from all over the globe. Founded in 2017, our approach is medical. A board-certified doctor will examine you and supervise your treatments. Our treatments are non-surgical and no medications. Our highly trained, all-male staff are discrete and will make you feel at-home so that you feel comfortable to ask any question in a professional and confidential environment.

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